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    Charles T. Gabriel Jr. became an informal student of photography in the early 1970's. He read every book or magazine that he could get his hands on. In the beginning, he started photographing models and had a few appear in national publications like Jet and Ebony Man.

    After laying his camera down for a period of ten years, Charles was encouraged by a friend to do some work for his church. That awakened a new urge in him to use his camera in a different way, and that was to do landscapes. Charles found a beauty in God's creations that he had never seen before. His photographs let others see art through his eyes.

    Charles uses a medium format camera and also digital. He uses metallic paper, metal, and plexiglass to print his photos on. His work can be seen at a number of art fairs in the area.

    Charles resides in Toledo with his wife and has three children, and six grandchildren.

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